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Our TFI Company over the last few years, by concentrating and massive investment in medicinal plants, has been able to take BIG steps towards its main goals which are:

1-Entering into the global market

2-Obtaining international customer satisfaction

The difference between us and other similar corporates is our product supply chain, as described in the following paragraph:

1-With the aim of providing CROPS and PHARMACEUTICAL products with the best quality and standard, TFI directly and steadily is in touch with farmers, which means that the needed products are purchased and provided straight and without any middlemen from farmers. Because of that, all affairs such as planting, farming and raising are under the supervision of our experts.

2- Direct collaboration with farmers and pre-purchasing all products are leading to a cheaper cost price.


1-It is hoped that by 2023 in addition to being one of the most reputable export trading companies in Iran, we will be able to receive “the best exporter” title in our country.

2-Helping to create an environment full of verdure and freshness devoid of any pollution to improve the condition of nature for the next generations.


1-Attracting talented people along with creating innovation

2-Improving the produced products’ quality

3-Respecting society and social commitments with a special look at the environment

4-Preserving human and moral values


1-Direct investing and pre-ordering the farmer’s products not only causes complete control on the quality of products, it is also the reason for the comfort of farmers and producers that comes from the guaranteed sale of their products as well as creating intensive for farming and independency for farmers, which leads to less migration from villages to cities.

2-Promoting the culture of employees and farmers to preserve and exaltation the environment.

3-Scientific collaboration with Iranian universities of applied science and knowledge-based companies to increase the knowledge of manufacturers and finally increase the products quantitative and qualitative restitution.

  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Safety
  • Reliance

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