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We come From the Desert, Let’s bring a new plan

About us

I am Bidaki, born in 1979. I am going to tell you a very short story of how I entered the business world.

I entered the ceramic tile industry in 2003. During these few years, I have worked in various fields. I have been working as a foreign trade manager for several years now.

In 2010, I started trading in the ceramic tile industry. At the beginning, I started working and distribution in Yazd province with the company I worked for. After 3 years of my activity, I expanded to the whole country and started distributing ceramic tiles in the country.

In 2015, I started exporting to Iraq and Afghanistan. In 2018, I registered a business company for trade with other countries. Our company started marketing through electronic commerce. In this way, we were able to find many customers from Arab countries and by inviting them to Iran; we requested them up close visit of the factories and products. Then, after obtaining their opinion on the design and quality of the products, they decided to sign a contract with TFI Company.

We thank God that over the past few years, we have been able to meet customer trust answer with good products and faithfulness to the promise.


By 2025, we could be one of the most reputable exporters of ceramic tiles in the Middle East.


-Efforts to providing customer satisfaction and taste by diversifying our products and services

-Teaching and updating collection knowledge continuously



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Tasnim Fidar Isatis Company is proud…
To provide all its services based on the standards introduced to its customers.
Quality and customer satisfaction are our priority.